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Click Here for Nun's Habit and other costume piece rentals , or call 1-800-YES NUNS
Wondering how to wear a Traditional Nun's Habit? Watch A Nunsense Lesson: Rockette to Nun.
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St. Dymphna Medal
St. Dymphna Medal
St. Francis Bookmark
St. Francis Bookmark
St. Bernadine Card
St. Bernadine of Sienna Holy Card
4 in 1 Holy Medal
4 Saints on one medal
St. Genesius Medal
St. Genesius Medal
Baking with the B.V.M.
Nunsense Cookbook
Nunset Boulevard: Voiceovers and Sound Effects
A must-have for your show!

Nunset Boulevard: Holy Toast Bread Stamper
The "Holy Toast" bread stamper allows you to make as many "relics" as you need for your production of "Nunset Boulevard."
Nunset Boulevard:Key To Heaven
Comes with an actual key attached to the card.
Nunset Boulevard:Grow Saint Peter
You'll get huge laughs with "Grow Saint Peter" in Nunset Boulevard.
Nunset Boulevard: Holier Than Thou T-Shirt
"Holier Than Thou" T-Shirt exclusively for Nunset Boulevard.  XL Only.
Nunset Boulevard:Nun Bowling Game
Nunset Boulevard "Nun Bowling Game" (Limited Supply)
Nuncrackers Christmas Show Prizes
10 Commandment stickers, St. Anthony Medal, Polish Card, San Ramon Card, 2-inch Ruler, Scratch 'n' Sniff Ornament. Sold as a set- one set for each performance
Meshuggah-Nuns Show Prizes
1 decade rosary, WWJD button, "God is Awesome" pencil sharpener (replaces yo-yo), Pin-on Virgin. Sold as a set- one set for each performance.
Meshuggah-Nuns Sound Effects CD
Don't miss this!
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