" Nunsensations is zany…witty…daffy…unusually poignant
… and still family-friendly." --Saint Paul Pioneer Press


takes place six weeks after the sisters have staged their first benefit. The sisters are back presenting a "thank-you" show for all the people who supported them in the past. But now, they're a bit slicker, having been "bitten by the theater bug." Things get to off to a rousing start as the sisters sing Nunsense, the Magic Word, but before long. chaos erupts. Two Franciscans come to claim Sister Mary Amnesia (who has won the Publishers? Clearing House Sweepstakes) as one of their own. At the same time the nuns hear that a talent scout is in the audience to see them strut their stuff. From the riotous bingo game run by Sister Amnesia to the hilarious duet, What Would Elvis Do?, to the rousing finale, There's Only One Way to End Your Prayers and That's to Say Amen!, this show will have you rolling in the aisles!

Act I

Overture / Presentation  
Life is a Game of Chance   Cast
T. and A.   Rev. Mother & Sr. Robert Anne with Cast
What Plays in Vegas   Rev. Mother & Sr. Hubert
The Ettes   Sr. Amnesia & Sr. Mary Annette
From Vaudeville to Vegas   Sr. Leo
When the Chips are Down   Sr. Hubert with Sr. Robert Anne, Sr. Leo & Rev. Mother
The Fifth From the Right   Rev. Mother & Cast
What's Black and White With Her Money on Red?   Sr. Amnesia with Srs. Robert Anne & Leo
Cirque Du Blimp   Cast
Reprise: Life is a Game of Chance   Cast

Act II

The Entr'acte   The Band
Reprise: Life is a Game of Chance   Cast
I Left Him There   Sr. Leo
Sin City Sue   Cast
Double or Nothin'   Rev. Mother & Sr. Hubert
A Little Goes a Long Way   Sr. Mary Annette & Sr. Amnesia
Hollywood 'N' Vinyl   Srs. Amnesia, Hubert & Leo
Why Sing a Ballad   Sr. Robert Anne
Take the Money and Run   Cast
Reprise: Life is a Game of Chance   Cast