“Is Nunsense A-Men! fun? Definitely yes. The all-male
cast is a genuine blessing.” --New York Times
Nunsense A-men! Scene

Nunsense A-Men!

is basically the original “Nunsense” show with all of the characters being portrayed by male musical comedy performers. Think of it as “Mrs. Doubtfire enters the Convent.” Done totally seriously, this show is, to quote a critic, “no drag.” First performed in Brazil as “Novicas Rebeldes,” this version of “Nunsense” premiered in New York in 1998. Receiving rave reviews and standing ovations subsequent productions have boasted such stars as “Laugh-In’s” Arte Johnson as Mother Superior and Olympic Champion, Greg Louganis as Sister Robert Anne. A whole new layer of comedy surfaces with lines like “The guys in the old neighborhood still can’t believe I became a nun!” To quote the New York Times: “A change of habit, boy oh, boy!”

Act I

Nunsense is Habit Forming   Cast
A Difficult Transition   Cast
Benedicte/The Biggest Ain't The Best   Sr. Hubert & Sr. Leo
Playing Second Fiddle   Sr. Robert Anne
So You Want to Be A Nun   Sr. Mary Amnesia
Turn Up the Spotlight   Sr. Mary Regina
Lilacs Bring Back Memories   Cast
Tackle That Temptation with a Time   Sr. Hubert & Cast

Act II

Growing Up Catholic   Sr. Robert Anne & Cast
We've Got to Clean Out the Freezer   Cast
Just a Coupl'a Sisters   Sr. Regina & Sr. Hubert
I Just Want to be a Star   Sr. Robert Anne
The Drive-In   The Saint Andrew's Sisters
I Could've Gone to Nashville   Sr. Mary Amnesia
Holier Than Thou   Sr. Hubert & Cast
Finale   Cast