Quotes from the critics - 11/20/09


"The 'Nunsense' series of musical comedies have made millions laugh, and have saved theatres from bankruptcy. Dan Goggin knows he has raised the human spirit."

"'Nunset Boulevard' is heavenly! It's hugely popular, hilarious, wacky and unpredictable."
--ABC Television News

"Talk about a happy habit. The "nuns" have done it again. Sinfully funny laughs for the entire two hours."
--NBC Television News

"Dan Goggin is the Brett Farve of musical comedy!"
--St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Get thee to a nunnery with' Nunset Boulevard'--- What's more useless than a blind umpire in a baseball game? A critic at a 'Nunsense' show. Goggin has used Chanhassen as a shakedown cruise for the past several 'Nunsense' shows, and at last Thursday's press opening, he expressed his gratitude. For the Chan, currently uncertain about its financial future, 'Nunset Boulevard' arrives at an opportune time. Goggin's stuff is box office cat-nip.

Which gets back to the umpire/critic joke. Goggin uses a solidly pat formula with long-established characters who need only the barest pretext. 'Plot?' they ask in one of their early songs. Who needs a plot? 'Drop the plot and what have you got? A show that's S.R.O.'

Nonetheless, Goggin cobbles together a little story. The Sisters were lured west by the chance to sing at the Hollywood Bowl. Arriving in Tinseltown, they discover it's the 'Hollywood Bowl-Arama,' a bowling alley.

Across the street from the Bowl-Arama, a producer is auditioning roles for a movie about Dolores Hart, an actor who left a promising film career to become a nun. Sister Mary Leo, the pretty Sister, seems perfect for the role. She runs over for an audition and...I wouldn't dream of ruining the surprise.

Under the Hollywood motif, Goggin stuffs his show with... pop-culture references and line after line of film dialogue. In one short sequence alone, he knocks off 'In the Heat of the Night,' 'Streetcar Named Desire,' 'Sunset Boulevard,' 'Terminator,' 'Casablanca,' 'Princess Bride,' and 'Gone With the Wind.'

The thing is, it's impossible not to be amused---to marvel at Goggin's ability to spin this confection. His New York actors will be replaced by a local cast within the next month, but that shouldn't matter. So, play ball!"

---Graydon Royce
Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Sisters of Hoboken still making sense in Nunset Boulevard--- The set-up is that the Little Sisters of Hoboken have a gig at the Hollywood Bowl. Turns out that, rather than the legendary California amphitheatre, they're actually booked in the Hollywood Bowl-Arama.

The conceit gives Goggin and his company license for all manner of hijinks. 'Nunset Boulevard' hardly ever pauses. 'The Plot' is a gleeful admission...that a simple set-up is all you need. There is a shameless number called 'The Hollywood Blondes' in which the nuns dress up as screen sirens, and an even more shameless 'Whatever Happened To...' which recreates a certain 1962 Joan Crawford/Bette Davis movie, complete with bad wigs and wheelchairs.

The New York based cast can intuitively milk their characters without going overboard. And when Goggin's musicianship excels they can make the most of it---as with Deborah Del Mastro's big-voiced, big-hearted singing of 'That Kid's Gonna Make It' or Bambi Jones' leading the company in the boisterous pop-gospel finale, 'Don't Look Back.'

It is pointless for me to write that people loved the show because the fact that people love Goggin's shows is about as surprising as the fact that the sun rises in the East. I know there are playwrights and composers out there who would kill for his unerring sense of what audiences like, and I am certain that the show will go on to a long healthy life. Mister Goggin is ready for his close-up."

--Dominic Papatola
Saint Paul Pioneer Press

"You don't have to be Catholic to enjoy 'Nunset Boulevard.' The show keeps the audience engaged and roaring with laughter. If this is indeed the final 'Nunsense' musical, as Goggin said in an interview, he truly saved his best for last!"
--Pat Norby
The Catholic Spirit

"Dan Goggin's seventh installment in the 'Nunsense' series is the perfect prescription for those looking for a few hours of quality escapism. The show features witty one-liners, uproarious physical comedy, and an affable cast of characters playing their parts to perfection."
-Mollee Francisco
The Villager

"'Nunset Boulevard' (features) funny women, cornball jokes, silly songs, absurd situational humor, a certain irreverence for reverence, and almost assuredly packed houses. The 'Nunsense Series' is arguably the most popular series in theatre history."
--Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine

"'Nunset Boulevard' is a zany, all-new, never-seen-anywhere-before-now 'Nunsense' production."

"A sensational evening in the theatre. Those nuns rolled a perfect 300 game. Tremendous!"
--Johnny Canton


"'Nunset Boulevard was great! A wonderful evening of hilarious fun!"
--Kay Johnson
The Leader

"Hollywood's newest stars made me laugh out loud and I'm not even Catholic!"
--Jefferson Fietek
WFMP Radio